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Brian Bean a Bank of America Short Sale Specialist in California

Bank of America has named Inland Empire Real Estate Broker Brian Bean a Preferred Alliance Partner to help distressed Bank of America and Countrywide mortgage customers with expedited short sales of their homes.

California homeowners with Bank of America or Countrywide home loans who are thinking about a loan modification, refinance or even a short sale, are being urged to contact Brian Bean to help them cut through the red tape and find the solution that best meets their needs.

Bank of America, in cooperation with Preferred Alliance Partners such as Mr. Bean, can now more rapidly alleviate distressed homeowners’ problems — what once took several months can now be handled in weeks or even days.

A short sale, also known as a “Short Pay,” refers to a home sale in which the liens against the property are greater than the market value, requiring the lienholders to approve the price (or payoff “shortage”) and terms of the sale. Bank of America, in conjunction with their Preferred Alliance Partners, now can settle these negotiations in a much shorter timeframe, allowing homeowners to more quickly start the countdown to someday make another purchase.

For more information about expedited Bank or America and Countrywide short sales, please contact Brian Bean at 951-314-5402, or email ShortSales@BigDreamInc.com.

Brian Bean
Real Estate Broker
DRE #01346382

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